Requesting your first appointment:

Here are directions to request an appointment. The appointment is not scheduled nor confirmed until one speaks with Dr. Reiner over the phone. After you make an appointment request (below), Dr. Reiner will call you for a quick chat. 

1) Select "Initial visit" (below)

-Many patients get reimbursed for the visit by using out-of-network health insurance benefits. See Fees and Services section for details

2) Do the pre-appointment questionnaire and select a time that works for you

 - Your answers will help start the conversation to see if West Coast Psychiatry is a good fit for you

 - Save your credit card information. A charge will only occur when you have your visit or if you have a late cancellation or a missed appointment 

 - Your appointment request should get a response within 48 business hours

3) If scheduled, sign up for the patient portal & fill out a few forms

 - Note: To keep your appointment, please submit all forms by 48 hours before your visit.

 - If you have trouble with this process, please email or call (206) 486-5225

*New patients must be between age 18 and 60. 

*No patients with Medicare or Medicaid: We are not equipped (e.g., with EMR) to process claims with Medicare or Medicaid and we are prohibited by law to accept direct payment from patients with Medicare or Medicaid. 

If the scheduling box is not loading, please disable pop-up and content blockers, then refresh the page.