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  • What is Medication Management?
    Medication management is the practice of diagnosing, prescribing, and creating a medication plan to treat certain mental health disorders. Your psychiatrist will then closely monitor your medication dosage through routine visits, offer advice on responsible medication use, and make changes over time if needed. Medication management also offers clients support and education by helping them learn about their respective conditions and empowering them to participate in their recovery process actively. Medication management is often used in tandem with ongoing talk therapy and behavioral optimization practices. Sometimes, this talk therapy will be offered by your Bellevue psychiatrist at West Coast Psychiatry. Other times, it can be provided by your current therapist, who can collaborate with us.
  • How Does Medication Management Work?
    Medication management involves more than just prescribing medication; it also consists of monitoring the medication's effectiveness, side effects, interactions, and the mental and physical changes the client is experiencing. Working with a physician (someone who has a MD/DO and who has completed a psychiatry residency) is crucial for optimal medication management: physicians have the highest amount and quality of training, empowering them to incorporate their knowledge of the liver, kidney, thyroid, and non-psychiatric medications into your psychiatric medication management. Additionally, our medication management services include working with our client's therapists and other clinicians to provide the highest level of collaboration and support. Here at West Coast Psychiatry, our medication management appointments typically take 25 minutes, and your psychiatrist will review your symptoms, physical health, medication use, and lifestyle behaviors. You will also discuss key metrics and any next steps for your medication needs.
  • Who Is Medication Management For?
    Medication management may be an essential part of your psychiatric treatment plan, whether you suffer from a chronic mental health illness or are experiencing a particularly challenging phase of life. You and your Bellevue Psychiatrist will work together to decide if and what medication might be right for you.
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